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for 12 mos* with Auto Pay

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Xfinity Bundles

Connect More

$ 25
Per Month
  • Download speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Good for up to 5 devices at a time
  • WiFi equipment included
  • Stream videos, download music, and do much more

Fast Internet + Popular TV

$ 85
Per Month
  • Download speeds up to 400 Mbps
  • 125+ channels
  • 20 Hour DVR service + Xfinity Stream App
  • Stream videos, download music, and do much more

Fast Internet + Popular TV + Voice

$ 95
Per Month
  • Download speeds up to 400 Mbps
  • Stream in HD on multiple devices
  • 125+ channels
  • Popular channels like TLC, HGTV, and Bravo
  • Reliable home phone service
  • Calls with best audio clarity

Prices, speeds, channels, and package availability may vary from area to area.


Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity offers a wide range of services to cover all your home requirements. Enjoy seamless connectivity, maximum entertainment, crystal-clear calling, and much more with standalone plans or fully loaded bundles. From superfast internet speeds that allow you to surf, stream, and game at the same time, to channel-rich TV and home phone plans that keep you connected, Comcast Xfinity services have it all! Not to forget, tons of exciting additional features and home security make Xfinity the perfect fit for your home.

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Xfinity Internet

Internet is all about speed, reliability, and stability. In the modern-day, people have become more demanding, they want more for less. You need the internet for surfing, emailing, gaming, and streaming. All are served but the safety needs to be your priority. Feature-rich Xfinity internet provides you speeds that are reliable and a protection suite that secures you from all kinds of cyber threats.

Xfinity Home WiFi

Your internet connection needs to be simple and free from tangling wires. Xfinity Home Wi-Fi offers wireless connectivity throughout your home. No matter which room you’re in, you are always connected. It covers every nook and corner of your house ensuring seamless connectivity with amazing speeds.

Xfinity WiFi On The Go

Xfinity internet saves your mobile data. It allows you to take your Wi-Fi with you. Over 20 million secure Xfinity WiFi hotspots around the country get you Wi-Fi on the go. All you need to do is download the hotspot app, look for a hotspot that is within your radius, connect your device and start using free Wi-Fi!

Xfinity TV

TV is all about entertainment. A dynamic family requires a TV connection that covers a variety of genres at a nominal cost. Various service providers offer features like TV on the go and HD channels that require a hefty subscription fee at the end of each month. Xfinity TV, on the other hand, offers all these amenities and a little more at rates that don’t break the bank and let you have all the entertainment you need!

Xfinity Stream TV App

The Xfinity Stream TV app lets you take your TV with you. No matter where you are, your live TV programming is always with you. Simply, open your device, connect with an internet connection and start enjoying your TV on the go!

Xfinity On Demand

You do not have to pay hefty streaming subscriptions every month just to re-watch your favorite shows. Xfinity TV offers thousands of on-demand options. Relive your favorite episodes any time you like. Select from a wide range of movies, shows, seasons and so much more!

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Xfinity Phone

Always stay in touch with your loved ones with the Xfinity phone. Enjoy crystal clear voice quality with a number of features. Bundle your phone service to take advantage of Xfinity bundles and treat yourself to incredible services along with savings.

Unlimited Calling

Your expression should be free like your love. Feel the freedom with Xfinity Voice's unlimited calling features. Call around the nation and to almost half the world without having to worry about talk time. Freedom of expression with Xfinity phone!

Xfinity Deals in my Area

If you are looking for reliable internet service with extensive channel lineups, check Xfinity plans in your area. The plans’ availability, pricing, and features may vary from location to location. You may be eligible for countless Xfinity discounts in your area. Nevertheless, whatever plan you get, reliability and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Xfinity Home

Home is where you and your family are safe. Include Xfinity Home services to secure the entire household. You are always in charge of the online services that let you take control and change settings remotely. On top of that, the easy touchpad control relieves you from the complicated commands, and instead provides you with ease!

24/7 Monitoring

Feel safe with 24/7 monitoring facility. Xfinity home services offer around the clock monitoring of your premises with a week of video back up for your video recordings. You cannot go wrong with Xfinity! Users can reach out to Xfinity customer service any time for further assistance.

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